Our world turned upside down when my older sister Julia Anthea Nelson was diagnosed with leukemia at age 32. She died 6 months later. During those 6 months my relationship with my first husband fell apart. My mom's breast cancer returned a year after that, and she passed away. Even the dog died of cancer, slowly, as I followed my new husband to a small city in central Texas from Vancouver, Canada. Our first year in Texas would begin and end with tubal pregnancies and the eventual loss of my fallopian tubes. In the middle of these dark times I started recording my dreams, mostly about Julia, on a Twitter feed. "Dream Twitter" is a collection of collages based on 12 of those dreams. Each piece is mounted on 24" x 24" painted particle board. Primarily my own photography was enlarged, printed, and sliced with borrowed imagery from James Fournie, Tom Flower, Dr. Roy Winkelman, and a few freely licensed photos found online. No digital enhancement tools were used. A moss covered pingpong paddle now rests on my desk. 

"Dream Twitter" is dedicated to my dad, Paul Nelson, my sister, Martha Flower, and Greg. And "Dream Twitter" is for all people who have faced adversity and still see beauty and possibility in the world, and in their dreams. 

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